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Duties and Responsibilities

  • Directing of strategies and planning for sales and marketing initiatives.

  • Managing matters related to sales; this would include everything from the controlling of sales budget to dealing with technicalities associated with selling of a particular product.

  • Promoting and campaigning for a product and taking charge of the entire process of advertising for the product.

  • Taking care of every aspect of everything related to the promotion of a product i.e. the graphics, drafts, multimedia projections and many other similar factors.

  • Negotiating with the clients is another important duty.

  • Supervising every nitty-gritty of the entire sales section of an organization.

Skills and Specifications 

  • Reasoning capacity.

  • Ability to promote a product,

  • Adequate communication skills.

  • Presentation savvy.

  • Ability to carry out skillful negotiation.

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